Saturday, August 26, 2006

Frantic Friday

So sorry about the late post! Yesterday was so hectic and I ran out of time to post. Let's get to it......

THIS or THAT Tuesday Reveal
This Halloween costume is one of my favorites and many of you agreed with me. It's the Petite Pirate from Costumes by ShindigZ and retails for $29.99. With a variety of sizes (3T-4T or 4-6X), it's the perfect costume for the little princess in your life.

Crazy Sale!
So I just happened to be shopping yesterday and ran into my local Guess store. I ran across one hell of a sale! Mostly, everything in the store was 70% off and I got a cute waist clinch belt for $3.00. Crazy! Unbelievable! The sale ends Saturday 8/26 so get in there ASAP!

Weekend Accessories

$7.60 at
I've always loved accessorising my cell phone. I've rhinestoned a couple and have bought some wonderful cases. This cell phone charm will allow me to add some spice my phone with the commitment anxiety that rhinestones sometimes cause.

$11.40 at
I'm totally into the Fleur De Lys trend but have hesitated to purchase anything because of the ridiculous price tag. This necklace has the right price and won't cause buyer's remorse next season when the Fleur De Lys trend has passed.

Enjoy your weekend!

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chumly said...

How do I subscribe?

Magarite Elaine said...

Great question!

To subscribe, simply look on the right hand margin (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the screen) under Subscribe to ME.

Enter your email address and then confirm your subscription by clicking the link in the confirmation email (some ppl have told me that it's sometimes delivered to your trash/bulk folder) and YOU'RE SUBCRIBED! YIPPEE!

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