Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Styl'd to a "T"

If you've been keeping up with my chronicles as a stylist, you're abreast on the latest info. When a stylist (ME) is hired by a client, 9 times out of 10 we are allotted a budget for clothing. Some retailers charge stylists "pull fees" for using their garments. These pull fees can range anywhere from 20% or more of the total "pull" (i.e. if the merch you want to use totals $1000 with a pull fee of 20%, you'd pay the retailer a non-refundable fee of $200). Now some retailers will waive those fees in exchange for editorial credits (i.e. take a look at the newest editorial spread in your favorite fashion mag. Usually at the bottom of each page, they'll tell you where to get the featured outfit, along with prices, etc. That's editorial credits).

I gave that long explanation, to lay for foundation for newest development in current editorial project. This particular client (the same one from my Monday post) has built relationships with local retailers so they can have their pull fees waived. Great! That makes my job a lot easier! But here's the catch. The location where I can "pull" from doesn't have the greatest merch and on top of that, I can't get in contact with their liaison. It's very frustrating and I'm 'bout ready to throw up my hands! I mean it's like they expect me to produce a miracle. The shoot is in a couple of days and I HAVE NO CLOTHES! And let's not even talk about shoes and accessories. That's another topic for another day. Oh the trials and tribulations of a stylist. Stay tuned.

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FashionVictim said...

What ended up happening with this? You know if you can get a decent pull letter for a decent mag, you should be able to directly contact the showrooms in NYC to send you the pieces for the shoot.

Luckily, here in Europe you only have to pay these percentages if you want to use the clothes in advertising, movies or anything which will not be credited.

Try smaller boutiques too. They're usually game for free mention as long as you dry clean the clothes before returning them. There are loads of great boutiques in're lucky!

Great post...a lot of people don't know about this aspect of the job. You should post this at the Fashion Spot as well.


Magarite Elaine said...

So, I'm still working on this one. The shoot is Friday and still no clothes. Alot of the smaller boutiques are reluctant to lend clothes due to being burnt in the past. Those damn unprofessional stylists! By tomorrow I should know something.

I'd love to post this on the Fashion Spot but the community is now open by invite only. Wanna invite me?