Monday, August 14, 2006

Styl'd to a "T"

This weekend was crazy for me! Two photoshoots and 7 models later....I've just gotten my head above water.

I finally got the clothing, shoes and accessories for my Friday shoot. I frantically ran around Friday morning gathering everything together. Thank God I'm a quick thinker otherwise I would've had butt-naked models :). Once I arrived at the shoot, there were all these ppl hanging around (that's normal) but I came to find out later who all these ppl were. They were the freakin' friends/family of the magazine. How unprofessional!! However, the photographer put them to work so I can't really complain :). Then to top things off, the creative director was running around yelling and screaming at everyone trying to get things done. Just RIDIC! At one point I had to calmly let her know that her yelling was not helping the situation and it would be best if she allowed me to do my job. I probably ruffled a couple of feathers but I'd had enough! All in all, the models were beautiful, the cars were exquisite, and the photos are stunning. As soon as I get the final copies, I'll be sure to post a link for your review. Now there's the matter of my invoice....stay tuned!

My shoot Saturday went off without a hitch. The creative team (myself, mua, hairstylist and his assistant, photog and model) all gelled and we had a great synergy. Everyone loved my clothing selections (would you expect anything less? :)) and I'm sure the photos will turn out great. The model really knew how to move which bought the clothing to life. I wish all my photoshoots could be this seamless. Again, I post a link to the final photos as soon as I get the final copies.

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Haute Girl said...

how did u get into styling?

Magarite Elaine said...

That's a very good question and I'd love to share my story. Rather than answer that here, I'll write about it 2morra. Stay tuned!