Thursday, August 17, 2006

Styl'd to a "T"

So sorry for posting so late today guys! Things have been crazy! I just wanted to be sure to give you an update about my latest job. I received payment on yesterday! YIPPEE! Usually stylists have to wait months to receive payment so I'm happy to have gotten mine so quickly. The client also covered the pull fees which is an added bonus. Here's where the plot thickens (please forgive my long winded rambling)....

When I went to pick up my check from the client yesterday, I had to wait over an hour for the Publisher (i.e. the one who handles the money) to get in the office. When I was in the office, the Creative Director asked for my assistance on another shoot. They are shooting a sunglass editorial and she wanted me to secure some sunglasses for the shoot. After all the drama that I endured on my last project with them, I wasn't about to sign up for another beating! Since I hadn't rec'd my pymt yet, I couldn't be rude but I had to gracefully decline. However, I did sit and brainstorm with her to develop ideas on where she could get the sunglasses she needed. Am I willing to help? Yes. Am I willing to do it for you? No.

So when the Publisher finally showed up (supposedly another shoot had run over), I allowed his staff to select the items they would like to keep. Usually when there's a pull fee involved, some clients want to keep selected merch while others opt just to pay the fee. It really varies from client to client. The items were selected and we were good to go or at least I thought. When the Publisher begins writing out my check, the owner of the magazine prances over and proclaims that they've never paid a stylist to work on their editorials before. I really shocked! She also said that she gave the Publisher a hard time (i.e. cursed him out) for agreeing to pay my fee. In my mind I was thinking, "Why is she telling me this? This is so unprofessional!" She then starts to complain about the pull fees saying she had never incurred pull fees before and didn't understand why they had to pay them. Oh and to make matters worse she says, "If you continue to charge us fees then we won't use you again." I just stood there silently and listened to her ramble. Then the Creative Director chimed in. She was upset that she had to pay the other stylist that worked with me. She said that the original agreement between them was editorial credits (no money was to exchange hands). She (creative director) begins to lie on the other stylist saying that she had called her yelling and screaming about payment. Which I know is totally untrue because she (creative director) doesn't even deal with money. The Creative Director then starts to blame me saying that I had to have told her that I was getting paid (and so what if I did.....Why is it a secret?). This is where I had to draw the line......

I told both ladies that their behavior was very unprofessional and I don't have to explain my actions to them. I stated that I was running a business and could not afford to perform my services for free. Just as they expect payment for their subscriptions, I expect payment for my services. I made it painfully clear that if they were unwilling to pay my fees that I had no problem with them using someone else. Lastly, I informed them that whatever agreement they had with the other stylist had absolutely nothing to do with me and I would appreciate them not turning this into a personal matter. I mean how RIDIC is that? Give me a break! Last time I checked, the North won the war and slavery came to an end. The nerve of some ppl! I have more to share but I'll save that for tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

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