Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wild Card Wednesday

One of my gfs send me this fabulous email about growing up in the 80s and I loved it! It brought back some wonderful memories and I thought it'd be fun to reminisce with my readers. Feel free to post some of your 80s/90s memory flashbacks in the comments below. Here's some of the email's highlights:

You Know You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90's If:

You ever owned a pair of Jelly-Shoes.

L.A. Gear....need I say more?

You played the game "MASH"(Mansion, Apartment, Shelter, House)

You can sing the entire theme song to "Duck Tales" (Woo ooh!)

Wanna read the entire email? Send a message to and I'm more than happy to forward it your way.

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budgetdiva said...

Man LA Gear, those were the bomb. i had the white pair with one white and one glittery lace. I thought I was so cool and fresh to def as all get out!

Magarite Elaine said...

Haha! Let's not forget Hammer pants and New Kids on the Block :)!

Jessica said...

oh I LOVED jelly shoes!!!! and who didn't play MASH...such a great game...

Shopaholic D said...

is that bad if all 4 apply to me!?! lol

:) D

Magarite Elaine said...

haha! isn't it great remembering the old days :)?