Friday, September 22, 2006

Frantic Friday

My birthday is coming (Tues 9/26) and I'm SO excited! My girlfriends and I started partying on yesterday....and we'll be partying all weekend long. YIPPEE!!! Since you can't join the fun, here are some accessories to get your weekend off to a good start....

THIS OR THIS Tuesday Reveal
Well, this is one was a draw. You liked both of these lil' pretties equally.

These earrings are from Nine West and they were my favorite. Unfortunately due to their popularity, they are no longer on the site (**weeping tears of frustration**).

Pearl and Trinket Charm Bracelet

$18.75 @ Nine West

Weekend Accessories

The bag reminds me of the colorful pieces featured in Christopher Kane's Spring '07 Collection. I love the fact this bag is made of silk and the price is right up my alley. I think I'll coin a new phrase in honor of this bag: "shoestring elegance".

$35 at Jennifer Kaufman

Purple is such a huge color for Fall. I've always been a girl who loves the power of bling and this necklace really packs a punch.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Jessica said...

happy birthday! have fun celebrating!!!!
love that purse and for only $18!!!

Ms. Stylesse said...

happy birthday!!! have fun!

Magarite Elaine said...

Thanks for your b-day wishes ladies! We had a blast! It's was a great way to lead up to the BIG day. I can't wait until Tues! YIPPEE!