Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wild Card Wednesday

I found a great new product that'll put an end to pit puddles. It's called Pure Style and it's a miracle from heaven. Simply pop them under the arms inside of your clothing and watch them magical absorb your unsightly perspiration. They are ultra thin, an alternative to aluminum filled deodorant and can be worn in your sheerest silk blouses.
Here's to not sweating the small stuff!

$9.85 for 8 pairs, Pure Style

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Jessica said...

hmmmm...never heard of those...don't really know what i think of them either...i wonder if they really stay in place?

Fashion Cult said...

what a great idea! have you used them yourself yet? the only thing i would wonder about is how well the liner stays in place.

Margarite Elaine said...

You ladies bring up a valid point. I planned on purchasing some and placing them in my stylist kit. I'll use 'em on a couple of shoots and get back to ya.