Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wildcard Wednesday

If you are anything like I am, your probably a little strapped for cash after all the gift buying of Christmas, Partying for New Years and Splurging on the January Sales – but you still want to get your retail fix and continue to update your wardrobe on a, oh say, weekly basis!!!

The best way to do this is with jewelry. Here are my Top 5 Sites to buy Reasonably Priced Jewelry;

5. Target – You can’t go past Target for cheap costume and ‘fine’ jewelry.

4. EBay - Great for some homemade, one off pieces designed and made by people who don’t have a store. As always, be sure to check sellers feedback to ensure you are buying from a trusted seller.

3. Girlprops – Cheap Cheap Cheap costume jewelry. Regularly featured in US magazines such as Seventeen and Cosmogirl. Also regulary featured on Margarite Elaine.

2.ASOS – This UK site has every kind of jewelry you could ask for and some ridiculously low prices. Shipping from the UK to other counties is surprisingly cheap too.

1. Margarite Elaine– Our very own stylist and jewelry designer. ME jewelry is affordable, of high quality and most importantly, totally devine. In most cases, ME can even make or find items upon request!!!


Margarite Elaine said...

Aww...Ri-Ri! Aren't you the sweetest?! You're mak'n ME blush. Thx for d luv.

Anne said...

Great suggestions there... sometimes it's right under your eye and you can never see it...

Looks to Love said...

Great post.. will definitely come in handy when I'm need to save some money! I just added you as a link because I do think you have a great site! Thanks for letting me know how! Now I am getting so addicted!! :)

Haute Girl said...

target is the best!