Wednesday, May 02, 2007

THIS OR THAT Tuesday: Berry Sweet

$75, Kenneth Jay Lane @ Madison Los Angeles

I'm huge fan of KJL and this ring is definitely one that I would add to my collection. The only detail that would make it sweeter would be pave rhinestone leaves instead of gold. Or maybe in addition to gold....that's a thought.... (KJL are ya listening?)


ENID P. said...

How funny... Today on the train I was looking at the Bloomindales catalog and saw a green apple necklace.. I thought about you. It was a Kennth Jay Lane... I said if I contributed to ME, i would write about this. I loo today and ta...da...!!!


Margarite Elaine said...

That is too funny! It's so funny how we can ppl can be on the same page and be millions of miles away from each other. I love it!