Friday, February 01, 2008

NY Fashion Week: Style Resolutions

With today marking the start of New York's infamous Fashion Week, we'll be bombarded with many new trend and style choices. Every year, I fall victim to the trendiest pieces only to find them at the bottom of my hamper six months later. However, this year I wanted to start Fashion Week off with a clean slate. Don't get ME wrong, I'll still drool over the newest "IT bag" and secretly wish I was sitting front row in the tents, but instead I'll treat Fashion Week like an "observers' sport". I stylishly resolve to watch, wait and only buy those trend items that truly speak to ME.

If I was this conflicted, I figured I couldn't be alone. I polled various fashion/beauty bloggers over the net to get their Style Resolutions for 2008. Some attacked this task with great precision while others chose powerful one-liners. From veterans to newbies, bloggers where up for the challenge and happily stated their "two cents". Allow to ME introduce to you to the stylish bloggers who made the cut...

"As always, I'm stocking up on f**k-shoes, and hemming my flapper frocks higher. I figure life's short. Your skirt should be, too." Kristopher Dukes

"To not listen to what other people have to say about my style (or my weight)" AlmostDressed

"Try to minimize the fast fashion -- the forever 21, h&m, target go international and purchase more quality, lasting, classic garments" StyleIt

"This year, I resolve to be much, much kinder to my feet." The Coveted

NY $pender is CURBING THE SHOPAHOLIC. She resolves to "save more, splurge sometimes, and eliminate the useless spending".

Fashionalities has committed to "professional pedis at least once a month, and upkeep between times."

Urban Darling, resolves to "have a custom made navy pinstripe suit." When I asked her why navy she stated, "Navy is a cyclical color, we'll see it now and then it's gone." Who knew?

The BudgetDiva will, "...create a new sense of minimalism, declutter, and only keep those items that I truly love. I mean really who wants to put on something just because its there, at the end of the day you want to feel great in your clothing."

Fashion Kitty purrs, "[I want] to revamp my wardrobe using the pieces I already own. For example, today [interviewed on 01.07.08] I am wearing a Betsey Johnson python skirt and top from 2004. But I jazzed it up with a over-sized sweater and i meghan fabulous belt for a new spin on it." Sounds super cute!

Canadian Beauty wants to "try wearing as little makeup as possible this year. I know that it might sound strange if you're familiar with my blog, but I don't want to have a face full of stuff all the time. "

Here's what Jolie in NYC had to say, "I resolve to approach my beauty routine this year with adult precision. This is the year I will finally get manicures! (Or at least stop chewing my cuticles.) This is the year I will start waxing things! (Or at least invest in a real razor, instead of the Bics I steal from the gym.) This is the, who am I kidding? I resolve to make an attempt to be less lazy with beauty. But no promises."

Omiru's resolution is to give their hugely popular site a makeover. Their goal is easier navigation so all of you fashionistas can find the tips and tricks you yearn for. The site's Editor in Chief, "is determined to clean out her closet and donate clothes she hasn't worn in at least a year."

The Style Spy says, "No More Meh". And I quote, "I'm not bringing anything home to hang in my closet unless it makes me giddy with Fashionista Glee. To that end, I've already returned a skirt I bought last week. It was a perfectly serviceable brown A-line skirt, but it was meh. No more meh!!" Right on sista!

Dree chimes in, "This year I am challenging myself to create more adventure in my styling; add more unexpected elements; all the while keeping the look somewhat under-accessorized."

OMG I Love Her Style promises "to sweat the small things". She resolves to keep her nails on trends (navy nail polish, anyone?), get an up-to-date haircut (can you say, curly layers?), perfect her makeup and accessorize every outfit with stylish jewelery. A stylish lady after my own heart.

The Grand Mademoiselle wants "to learn how to walk properly in high heels." She says, "Although I wear them almost everyday and can walk in a straight line, my posture causes the outside edge of each heel to rub away, resulting in a slightly off-kilter strut that looks more like a horse on roller skates and less like a lady." I love a stylish girl with a sense of humor.

Peggy Li says, "Before I purchase anything new, to go through my closets and donate anything I haven't worn in the past year to charity (and in time for tax returns!)." This our second donation diva. I think I need to jump on the bandwagon!

Karinaxoxo screams, "Quantity over Quality!" She explains, "The thing is - every season I throw away/give away so many pieces...I figure if I spend the same amount on 3 or 4 tops as I would normally on one - I won't have a problem throwing something away after one season. I have my first chain store shopping spree this weekend - and I can't wait to see what $200 can get me!"

Czela Bellies confuses she will, "NEVER, I mean NEVER pull one single more price tag or hangtag off a new garment. No matter how lazy I might feel, I pledge to find the scissors! I've RUINED so many new garments because of my ahem, anxiousness!" Amen to that one sista!

I believe the Petite Fashionista wraps it up very nicely, "...the bottom line is that I will only do what I feel is true to me and that I hope in return means I can give more to others. " And that's the best resolution of all.

What's your style resolution for 2008? Share them with ME in the comments!

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