Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roberto has got ME all knotted up

Roberto Cavalli Large knot bracelet, $343, Net-a-Porter.com

First he calls, then he doesn't answer when you call back. When he does finally answer, he has nothing useful to say. You get frustrated and make up an excuse to end the conversation. His stomach is all in "knots" wondering how he can gain your attention and you're wondering why you're wasting your time. Like my girl Amy says, "Love is a losing game."


Karinaxoxo said...

So I think you should make a much cheaper version of this. As much as I love it - I can not spend $300+ on a bracelet (even if it is by Roberto Cavalli)

Margarite Elaine said...

I totally agree with you and not to mention that it's gold plated!