Monday, February 11, 2008

Love ME Not: 20th Century Gladiator

Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Cut Out Platform

Ok now, these Guiseppes are clearly out of hand. I mean look at them! What women in her right mind (celebs and video vixens excluded) would wear them; let alone walk in 'em. I'll admit that I luv the gold color and I like the idea of the wedge heel but they lost ME with the flip-flop toe. These shoes honestly remind ME of Robocop (you remember the line... "Dead or alive, you're coming with me"). I'll put these on my "when will men stop designing women's shoes" list.

Giuseppe Zanotti "Metallic Cut Out Platforms", $695, Intermix


Soner said...

i would they are great!

Oscar said...

i kinda like them, but then of course Im a memeber of the Penis club, i laughed at your comment about men designing women shoes.
these kind look like the bottoms should be enclosed in glass and have a goldfish in em'. they might go good with a nice dress, but like i said, i should stick to critiqueing menswear,
anyway you have a new subscriber, keep up the good work!!

Oscar said...

whoa, just rememebred the price, for $700, id go to chuckie's instead and get a pair of pradas on sale