Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celebrity Favorite: Herve Leger

Since Herve Leger's reappearance in 2007, his designs have been seen on some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

Who is Herve Leger?

A french fashion designer who grew to notoriety in the early 90s. His departure from the loose, long shapes of that time garnered him a strong celebrity following. In his early years, he was an assistant to Karl Lagerfield, a designer for Chanel, an assistant at Lanvin and assistant to Diane von Furstenburg.

What makes Leger's designs so unique?

He uses a combination of Lycra and spandex based fabrics to pull the female frame into the ideal hourglass shape.

Which celebrity wore it best?

While some celebs can pull of his style better than others, his "bandage" style has definitely become a signature in Hollywood. My favorites are Cassie (yellow dress, top left) and Christina Milan (purple dress, top right).

So how much will this dress cost ME?

With many of his pieces priced well above $1000, this is one designer who has a more affluent clientele in mind.

Want to see which starlets are wearing Herve Leger?

Click here for more details.


Chic Emporium said...

I love this bandage shows the curves of a woman.

Margarite Elaine said...

I agree! The bandage dress is so hott! Only if the price tag weren't such a stinger!