Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Anthropologie Home is on SALE!

Purely by chance, we visited our local Anthropologie today to get a peek at their new fall merchandise. Somehow we got sidetracked over to the home department and found the deal to end ALL deals. Please brace yourself because what we have to share is a bit shocking :)! We found cups and plates starting at $1.95. Yes......$1.95 (the prices were orginally $20 and higher). But wait there's more! A plate that we had been eyeing for months was marked down from $16.00 to $3.95. Can you believe it?! I mean these types of deals only happen once in a lifetime. Make it your business to get to your local Anthrologie TODAY (by the weekend we know that everything will be gone)! Don't have an Anthropologie in your neck of the woods? Click here to visit the site.

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