Thursday, August 03, 2006

FROM ME TO YOU: Deal of the week

Here's a new feature we've to added to our blog. This is our opportunity to showcase some awesome deals for you our loyal readers. Our first deal is from Macy's. Now for all of you that have been keeping up with Project Runway, you saw Angela (the girl we love to hate) win last night's I.N.C Challenge. Well here's your chance to purchase her winning outfit (exciting, huh?). Now remember, you read it here first :)!

An image of the winning design
** Click on photo for an enlarged image**

Click Here to purchase Angela's winning outfit!

Don't forget about that AWESOME SALE @ Anthropologie Home!

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Shopaholic D said...

love that cropped jacket!

Haute Girl said...

i saw it in person this's cute but looks a bit cheap and mass-produced. good for at least a season though.

Magarite Elaine said...

You know that's too bad! From the website it looked like it had a bit of potential. How disappointing!