Monday, August 07, 2006

New Categories at ME

To make your reader experience more enjoyable (and to make my job posting a lot easier:), I've decided to add the following categories to ME. Each week, you are guaranteed content in these areas and can easily search my blog for your favorite categories. And the nominees are:

Monday Madness
Monday's are always crazy for ME. I'll post some fanastic accessories to get your week off to a great start.

THIS or THAT Tuesday
Here I'll feature a high-priced accessory and it's budget friendly counterpart. It'll be up to you to tell the difference. I'll reveal the results in my Frantic Friday section.

Wild Card Wednesday
Here I'll select a topic of my choosing to write about. Will it be the newest TV show, the latest IT bag or some celebrity gossip? Stay tuned.

FROM ME TO YOU: Deal of the week (Thursday)
You asked for it...So here it is. I'll scour the internet, read the newspaper and use my retail connections to find the latest deals. I'll post my findings here.

Frantic Friday
I'll reveal the the results from THIS or THAT Tuesday and post some fabulous accessories to get you ready for the weekend.

As an added bonus, I'll include Styl'd to "T" to feature my rants and raves as a stylist. Although this category is not guaranteed weekly, it's a great way to gain insight into what happens behind the lens. I've started my 1st post below.

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