Monday, August 07, 2006

Styl'd to a "T"

So today has been a crazy day at ME. I've been busy talking to clients, making deals and planning strategies from my next photoshoot. For those of you who don't know I also "moonlight" as a wardrobe stylist. This keeps me really busy and I'm constantly running to boutiques to get clothing for my next shoot. It just so happens that my next project will be published in a magazine (I'm so excited) and today was the 1st day in a series of meetings. So in today's meeting, I discovered 2 things:

  1. The photographer can't make it due to a death in the family
  2. The models are WAY TOO SHORT (we're talking 5'4 and that's a big no-no for editorial shoots)

I immediately switched to fire-fighter mode and began to discuss a plan of action with the publisher. Here I was thinking that my client has selected agency models and boy was I wrong (first rule of the game: ASSUME NOTHING)! I had to politely tell them that their models were too short and they needed agency girls (tall, skinny...u know the type). I then proceeded to call my contacts at the local modeling agencies to secure some girls for our shoot. Then I pulled out my rusty trusty roladex to call some of my photog friends and check availability. Thanks to my quick thinking (you can call me Quick Draw McGraw) and savvy connections, I was able to save our shoot. It's all in a day work!

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