Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wild Card Wednesday

Is it just me or is everyone having a sale? It's great! Once again, I couldn't wait until Thursday to share them with you. But don't worry....I still have a fab deal to share with you guys on tomorrow. Here's what my research's uncovered....

Victoria is hosting a great deal. Here's the offer details:

  • $15 OFF A $100 ORDER
  • $30 OFF A $150 ORDER
  • $75 OFF A $250 ORDER
  • $150 OFF A $500 ORDER
Simply enter offer code AUG at checkout.

For all my cosmetic junkies, is offering a gift with purchase. You'll get a fashionable makeup bag with mirror filled with all of your favorite brand samples FREE with any $30.00 purchase. Included in the bag you will find
  1. MD Formulations trio pack,
  2. Too Faced Lip Injection,
  3. Hard Candy Key Chain Lip Gloss,
  4. Urban Decay Extra Shine Lip Gloss,
  5. ULTA eyeliner and
  6. a GoSmile ampoule.
Unbelievable! Simply enter 61665 in the space provided in your shopping cart and click "add code". I think I'll have to get in on this action.

Featured Earrings $19.99 from

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