Friday, September 29, 2006

Styl'd to a "T"

Since my birthday, I've been really busy preparing for my shoots in October. I have two booked as a now with three more in the pipeline. My first shoot takes places next week and is for an Ad Agency based out of Japan. We will be capturing some stock photography photos (think Getty Images) in some wonderful locations throughout the Bay Area. My next shoot is for emerging magazine targeted at African American teenager girls. I will be providing the looks for the cover. This time gathering the clothing will be so much easier b/c I was given more time to gather my resources. I'm also holding interviews to fill the assistant position that I posted about earlier. I have a ton of applicants so I'm sure I can find a qualified applicant.

Last thing, I just had my jewelry photographed on yesterday. Click the button below to get a sneak peek. I'll be sure to post the pics on my shopping blog as soon as I get a FREE moment.

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