Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ME Summer Obsession: Maxi Dresses

What is a Maxi Dress?

A long skirt or dress which gained popularity in the 70's. My favorites are the ones which feature vibrant graphic prints or awesome summer colors. This season you can find them just about everywhere and available at every price point.

How do I wear it?

With a ton of accessories or with none at all depending on your preference. Add flip flops or gladiator sandals during the day and bejeweled or heeled sandal for night.

Who can wear it?

Just about anybody. I prefer the look on the tall ladies myself (hey, I'm over 6' ft so I'm a little bias) but my shorter gals can pull the look off as well. The key is ensure that you show some skin (i.e. halter, sleeveless or tube top dresses) and your dress should stop a little before your ankle.

Why are you obsessed?

Who has time to get ready these days? Between my conference calls and endless meetings, a girl has schedule in bathroom breaks. A maxi dress is an instant outfit that can get ME out of the door in 15 secs flat. Makeup? I can do that during one of my conference calls.

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Adnan said...

Hi! Can you tell me where to find maxi dresses in Hong Kong? Well there are a few here and there but not many in Size 4.