Monday, June 02, 2008

ME Movie Obsession: Sex in the City

I love SATC like a fat kid loves cake. I eagerly awaited this movie just to see the wonderful looks Patricia would come up with. SATC lived up to every bit of the hype and was a great continuation of the series. The clothes, the shoes, the was a visual orgasm. Seeing this movie 3 more times would be perfect the fashion overdose! Anyone else enjoy this movie or was it just ME?


AsianCajuns said...

I love, love, loved this movie! I'm a big SATC fan, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the movie. The clothes were better than ever!

Margarite Elaine said...

This is by far my favorite movie of the summer. I must make it a point to see it again. I really enjoyed seeing all the girls together in their SATC splendor. Oh and the clothes...don't even get ME started :)